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KeepTheScore is an online software for scorekeeping. Create your own scoreboard for up to 150 players and start tracking points. It's mostly free and requires no user account.

This website is ideal for any situation where you need to track points and make the scoreboard available to other people online. It's great for use in the classroom, for school sports, sales competitions and all other situations where ease-of-use and fun are important.

You can use this software in your browser without downloading or installing anything, without registration, without providing your email. If you don't believe us, Try it now!

📢 Our newest feature: Real-time click counters

Digital leaderboards and counters

Great for scrabble, Jeopardy, Uno, trivia, family feuds, rummy, quizzes, ping pong, team goals, sales, algicosathlons. Get creative!

Zero hassle

Works without requiring your email or setting a password. Just remember to bookmark any games you create.

Works everywhere

Use it on a PC, TV, projector, smartphone, tablet or any device that has a browser. All you need is internet access.

Perfect for the classroom

Motivate your students, show progress, share results, foster gentle competition. Works great on mobile and Chrome OS.

No app install

Tired of installing apps? For this you only need a browser. Everyone can participate without installing anything.

5 seconds to setup

To begin tracking scores, you just provide a scoreboard name, the teams and you're ready to go. Try it yourself!


Sharing a scoreboard is as simple as sending a link via Whatsapp or email. You can also share a public (read-only) link.

Real-time live score-keeping

Any scoreboard you share updates automatically and in real-time. Perfect for a big screen or projector.