How to add a leaderboard or scoreboard to WordPress

Do you need to add a leaderboard or scoreboard to your WordPress site? We have a plugin that makes this easy as child's play.

Once you have added a board to a post, it will update automatically. So if you add new scores or players, your post will get updated in real-time.

Example of an embedded scoreboard

How it works

There are 3 steps to embedding a board in a WordPress post:

  1. Install the KeepTheScore plugin.
  2. Create a leaderboard on and get its shortcode.
  3. Add the shortcode to your post.

You're done ✨

Let's go through these steps in more detail.

1. Install the WordPress plugin

This is something you do once only. After you have done it, you can add as many boards to as many posts as you like.

  1. Go to your WordPress site and login
  2. Go to plugins, Add new
  3. Search for "keep the score" and click the correct search result
  4. Click on Install now
  5. Click on Activate plugin

Alternatively you can download the plugin from the offical WordPress plugin directory by clicking here. You can then upload the plugin as shown below:

Example of an embedded scoreboard

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2. Create a board and get its shortcode

These steps you carry out on Proceed as follows:

  1. Create a scoreboard or leaderboard by clicking here . It's free and doesn't require a signup or account!
  2. Click on "Share" button at the top of the leaderboard or scoreboard.
  3. Click on the "Embed on WordPress site" button as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. Copy the shortcode code to your clipboard using the blue COPY button.
  5. Your shortcode will look like this: [ keepthecore token="rvfafgignlr" ]. This is what you add to your post in the next step.

Embedding a scoreboard

3. Add the shortcode to your post

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can use a so-called "shortcode" to add a board to your post. Shortcodes are a feature of WordPress, which make it easier to quickly add content to your posts.

We're assuming that you're using the new block editor ("Gutenberg"), which was released with WordPress 5.0.

  1. Start a new paragraph and type "/"
  2. Select Shortcode from the list that appears and press enter.
  3. Paste the code you got from the step above. It should look something like [ keepthecore token="rvfafgignlr" ]
  4. That's all. It should now look like the screenshot below. Save your post and your board should be visible.

Adding the shortcode scoreboard

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