What tools are available?

We have a variety of score-keeping options available.


A leaderboard is a ranked list of players or teams. This means the list is sorted by scores, usually with the highest score at the top.

Use a leaderboard when you just care about who has the highest (or lowest!) score. This is probably the best multi-purpose score-keeper. To see all available templates, click here.

The DEFAULT leaderboard theme
The HALLOWEEN leaderboard theme
The MUSIC leaderboard theme
The PINK leaderboard theme
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Live Sports scoreboards

Basketball scoreboard in a browser

With this online scoreboard you don’t need expensive equipment to display the scores. All you need is a laptop and a projector or a big screen to display the score and measure the time. The web-based online scoreboard can be customized for many different sports.

This scoreboard requires 2 devices: one to control the scoreboard, the other to display the scoreboard. You can share the scoreboard online and it will update in real time.

Activity Scoreboards with rounds

These scoreboards contains a list of rounds per player. They are useful when you want to have a structured breakdown of how a score for a player (or team) came about, for instance when you have multiple disciplines in a competition.

Scoreboards are also a good choice if you want to track changes over time (e.g. who won at squash over a series of weeks). To see all available templates, click here

The DEFAULT scoreboard theme
The HALLOWEEN scoreboard theme
The MUSIC scoreboard theme
The PINK scoreboard theme
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Team leaderboards

Team leaderboards are for situations where you have teams composed of individuals, and you care about the overall team score **as well as** the score of the individuals.

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A team leaderboard from Keepthescore.com
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Click or tally counters

This is the simplest type of scorekeeper. Use click counters when you need to count (tally) one or more things, for example people in a shop or room, repetitions, glasses of water drunk, tasks completed, etc.

The DEFAULT counter theme
The HALLOWEEN counter theme
The MUSIC counter theme
The PINK counter theme

Goal and fundraising thermometers

Goal thermometers are for situations where you want to track the progress towards a goal, for example fundraising, weight loss, or a savings goal.

The DEFAULT goal theme
The HALLOWEEN goal theme
The MUSIC goal theme
The PINK goal theme