Our privacy policy


Keepthescore.co was conceived to use as little personal data as possible. In fact, it is usually possible to use Keepthescore.co without supplying any personal data at all. The only personal data that can be provided are the names of individuals, and email addresses when making a payment.

Last Updated: 14.09.2021

Personal data of Keepthescore.co users

Keepthescore.co processes what personal data is provided for the purpose of supplying its services (creating and sharing leaderboards and scoreboards). Keepthescore.co does not track your IP address.

How long is data stored for?

Keepthescore.co currently stores scoreboards indefinitely to provide its services.

Fathom Analytics

Keepthescore.co uses Fathom Analytics, which doesn't use cookies and complies with the GDPR, ePrivacy (including PECR), COPPA and CCPA. Using this privacy-friendly website analytics software, your IP address is only briefly processed, and we have no way of identifying you. As per the CCPA, your personal information is de-identified. You can read more about this on Fathom Analytics' website.

The purpose of us using this software is to understand our website traffic in the most privacy-friendly way possible so that we can continually improve our website and business. The lawful basis as per the GDPR is "f); where our legitimate interests are to improve our website and business continually." As per the explanation, no personal data is stored over time.


You can optionally upgrade your scoreboards. When upgrading, you must provide data necessary to complete the order. The data provided in the order form will be stored in the database and will be stored there until the expiry of the limitation period for claims under the concluded contract. Each order is recorded in the database as a separate item. The legal basis for collecting and processing this data is Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. b GDPR. The above-mentioned principles for data processing also apply in this context.

Payment for the order is made via Stripe. In this regard Stripe is an independent personal data administrator.

Stripe is a payment service provided by Stripe Inc., which allows users to make online payments.

Payment processing services enable us to process payments by credit card, bank transfer or other means. To ensure greater security, we only shares the information necessary to execute the transaction with the financial intermediaries handling the transaction. Some of our services may also enable the sending of timed messages to you, such as emails containing invoices or notifications concerning the payment.

Updates to this policy

From time to time, Keepthescore.co will revise this policy, without further notice. Keepthescore.co recommends that you regularly check whether this policy has been revised. However, Keepthescore.co will notify users via notifications in the app about any major changes that would negatively impact User’s interests.

Requests or questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your personal data. You can also contact us with requests to exercise your rights under European data protection law. Such rights include the rights to access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability and object. You can contact us at: here.

Keepthescore.co’s identity and address

The details of Keepthescore.co are as follows:

Caspar von Wrede
Goethestr 32
14163 Berlin