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I've been using KeepTheScore since April 2021 and it has made my life so much easier. If there is anywhere to rate this website I would give 5 stars.


This site is so great. I looked into a lot of Leaderboards when I was planning this project and by far Keepthescore was the best in terms of functionality.


I would love to thank every single one of you guys who has worked on this amazing Web App! I have been searching for such service for ages, you are the best!


Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you choose the monthly or the 6-monthly packages. You will be billed every month or every 6 months. Alternatively, you can choose the 10 day package, which you only pay once.

You will automatically receive a receipt by email on payment.

Yes, we offer VAT refunds for any European country and recognize organizations with tax exemptions. To avoid paying VAT in the first place, during the payment process make sure to enter your company details and VAT number.

You can pay via credit card (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) and PayPal. If you’d prefer some other way of paying, let us know!

Payment is handled by, one of the largest and most-trusted payment providers on the Internet.

You will lose access to premium features, but your boards will remain including their scores. You can always become a premium member again later.

If you are in education, a charity, an NGO or something similar and you genuinely cannot afford to pay then write us an email and we'll give you a premium membership for free! ✨