Sports scoreboard FAQ

How does this scoreboard work?

The scoreboard runs entirely in your browser, so you don't have to worry about installing anything. For each scoreboard there are 2 links: one link points to the control panel of the scoreboard, the other to the live scoreboard itself.

You can share the live scoreboard link with anyone. They will see the live scoreboard in their browser. However, only share the control panel link with people you trust.

How do I create a scoreboard?

  1. Go to this page and click the "TRY IT NOW" button
  2. This will result in a new scoreboard being created and you being shown the control panel for this scoreboard.
  3. To see the actual scoreboard, click the "SHOW SCOREBOARD" button.

Why does the timer sometimes slow down?

The timer can slow down or stop if the browser tab with the control panel for your scoreboard is not visible at all times. Ensure that the browser is not minimized or hidden behind another window to ensure smooth operation of the timer.

How can I project the scoreboard onto a screen?

The projector needs to be connected to a device that is capable of running a browser like Edge, Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

On the projection device, open the link that appears when you click on "SHOW SCOREBOARD" on your control panel.

Can I integrate a scoreboard overlay into my live stream?

Yes, you can! Pleae take a look at the scoreboard overlay guide to learn how to do this.

Questions and feedback

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