Leaderboard and scoreboard FAQ

Here is a list of commonly asked questions along with their answers.

What is the admin view?

Your board has 3 "views", each reachable via a unique link.

  • The admin view which is the page you see after you have created your board. This is the view where you can configure your board and add scores.
  • The public view which is what you can share with other people. They will not be able to change the board in this view.
  • The restricted view which you can also share with other people. They will be to add and edit scores but do nothing else (e.g. changing the appearance or adding and deleting players).

To get the link you require, click on the "SHARE" button at the top of your scoreboard. You will see the dialog below. Choose the type of sharing you require and click on it.

Example of an embedded scoreboard

You will then be presented with the link you require, as shown below. Click on the copy button to copy the link to your clipboard.

Example of an embedded scoreboard

Can I remove ad banners from my board?

Yes, you can. To do so, you need a premium membership.

How can I reset a board?

On the admin view, click on the "MORE" button and then on "Reset all scores". Note that this is irreversible!

How can I edit or delete a player?

On the admin view, click on the player name. A new screen opens allowing you to edit or delete the player.

How can I add more players?

On the admin view, click on the "ADD PLAYER" button under your board. There is no limit to the number of players you can add this way.

How can I change the look and feel of the board?

Example of an embedded scoreboard

There are 2 ways of customising the look of your board:

Choosing a theme

On the admin view of your board, click on the "EDIT" button and then either select a theme from the dropdown. Then click on "SAVE CHANGES".

Editing colours

On the admin view of your board, click on the "EDIT" button and then click on the "EDIT BOARD COLOURS" button.

You can then edit the background and text colour for the whole scoreboard.

To edit the colours of individual players: Click on a player name and define new colours on the resulting screen.

Can I upload an image to the board?

Yes you can. You can upload a logo (or other image) which is then shown above the scoreboard title.

On the admin view, click on the "EDIT" button and then on the "UPLOAD A LOGO" button.

How can I upload profile pictures for each player?

On the admin view, click on the player name and on the resulting screen you will find the option to upload an image.

You can upload images for all players or only some.

Is this service free?

It's totally free if your scoreboard or leaderboard has up to 20 players.
See here for more information.

How can I delete a scoreboard or leaderboard?

It's currently not possible to delete a board directly. You can remove it from the homepage (where it's only visible to you) by clicking on the "REMOVE A SCOREBOARD" button. However, this will not delete it: it will still be accessible via its link.

If you want a board deleted forever, write me a mail containing the link.

Can I embed a scoreboard or leaderboard in an existing web page?

Sure! Read this post about adding widgets to web pages.

Can I export or download my data?

Yes you can. At the top of your board, click on the "MORE" button and then click on "Download board"

Is there an API?

There is a very simple API. More information available in the API documentation.

Can I upload an Excel file, a CSV file, or connect Google Sheets?

This is not directly possible. However, you can enable "bulk editing" which allows you to cut-and-paste scores from a spreadsheet or elsewhere straight into an existing leaderboard (It's not supported for scoreboards).

To enabled bulk editing:

  1. Click on EDIT at the top of the board and then
  2. click on "Entering data" and then
  3. click the "enable bulk editing" checkbox.
  4. Now you can go back to your leaderboard and click the "UPDATE LEADERBOARD" button at the top.

You'll then be able to paste your scores into the textbox and update all scores and players at once.

Some things to remember:

  • You can quickly add and delete players to the board using bulk editing. Only the players you paste will stay on the board.
  • Using this function deletes all players from the board and repopulates them with what you have pasted. This means custom colours and profile pictures will be lost.
  • The news feed will also be removed from the board.

You can also create a leaderboard using cut-and-pasted data: We call them "instant leaderboards".

Questions and feedback

Do you have a question, feedback, or a feature request?

Great! We answer every message within 1 working day (sometimes on the weekend too). You can reach us in the following ways:

We love feature requests, but it depends on whether we think it'll be useful to other users and how much effort it'll be.

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