Leaderboard / scoreboard help

I can't find my scoreboard or leaderboard!

If you have lost your board, write us an email and we'll find it for you.

Why does this happen? Because this webapp doesn't have a user-login, all boards you create are stored in your browser cookies. This means that if you come back with a different browser (or computer) or you delete your cookies, your boards will no longer be visible.

To prevent this happening, we recommend you bookmark the link to your scoreboard or leaderboard as soon as you create it. ✅

How can I reset a board?

On the admin view, click on the "MORE" button and then on "Reset all scores". Note that this is irreversibe!

How can I edit or delete a player?

On the admin view, click on the player name. A new screen opens allowing you to edit or delete the player.

How can I add more players?

On the admin view, click on the "MORE" button and then on "Add player." There is no limit to the number of players you can add this way.

How can I change the colours for the board? 💄

You can change the background colour and the text colour of your scoreboard.

On the admin view, click on the "CONFIGURE" button and then on "EDIT BOARD COLOURS" button. You can then edit the background and text colour for the whole scoreboard.

To edit the colours of inidividual players:

  1. On the admin view, click on the "CONFIGURE" button and then on "EDIT BOARD COLOURS"
  2. Click on the "Enable custom colours per player"
  3. Go back to the scoreboard by clicking "SAVE CHANGES"
  4. Click on a player name and define new colours on the resulting screen.

Can I upload an image to the board?

Yes you can. You can upload a logo (or other image) which is then shown above the scoreboard title.

On the admin view, click on the "CONFIGURE" button and then on the "UPLOAD A LOGO" button.

Is this service free?

It's totally free if your scoreboard or leaderboard has up to players! If it has more players, you need to upgrade it to be able to share the public version of the board (if you don't care about sharing, it's still free).

Upgrading costs 3.99 USD and lasts forever. It's a one-off payment. To upgrade a board, go to the admin view and click on the blue "Upgrade" on the top left.

An upgrade only applies to one scoreboard or leaderboard. To upgrade multiple boards, you must pay for each one.

Payment is handled by Stripe and currently only credit card payments are available. But Apple Pay and Google Pay also work. You will automatically receive a receipt by email on payment. If you’d prefer some other way of paying, let us know!

If you can't afford the upgrade then write us an email with a link to the scoreboard and we'll upgrade it for free! ✨

How can I delete a scoreboard or leaderboard?

It's currently not possible to delete a board directly. You can remove it from the homepage (where it's only visible to you) by clicking on the "REMOVE A SCOERBOARD" button. However, this will not delete it: it will still be accessible via its link.

If you want a board deleted forever, write me a mail containing the link.

I want to share my scoreboard or leaderboard

Great! It's best to use the "SHARE" button at the top of your board. This will give you a public link to share which will ensure that nobody else can edit your scoreboard or change scores.

Note that if your scoreboard has more than players, you must upgrade it to use the public link.

Can I embed a scoreboard or leaderboard using an iframe?

Sure! Take a look here here.

Is there an API?

There is a very simple API. More information available here).

I have a question, feedback, or a feature request

Great! Write us an email — we answer every single one.

We love feature requests, but it depends on whether we think it'll be useful to other users and how much effort it'll be. To help us decide what to make next please take this 20 second poll.