26 June, 2022

Creating a Twitter follower leaderboard

Who has the most followers on Twitter? We've created a bunch of different leaderboards based on Twitter data.

Comparing people by their number of Twitter followers is of course nothing more than a popularity contest. It may be a very simple vanity metric, however it is useful. In general, high-profile people and those that are "good" at Twitter will have more followers than the rest.

At the moment there is no quick and easy way to create a ranking of Twitter users based on their followers. Seeing as we are in the leaderboard space, we decided to create some Twitter leaderboards as an experiment.

Twitter leaderboard

Here are the 5 leaderboards:

Why are we calling it an experiment? Because at the moment there is no user-interface for creating your own Twitter leaderboards. Instead, we are doing this to answer 2 questions:

  1. Will these leaderboards have an SEO impact? In other words: will people search for and find them on Google.
  2. Will people ask for a user-interface to create their own leaderboards? Theory states that if people want something, they will ask for it.

Twitter lists to leaderboards

All of these leaderboards use a feature of Twitter called "lists" as their data source. This is quite a useful feature, but seems a little under regarded in the world of Twitter. The advantage of using a Twitter list is that you can update the members on Twitter, without having to update any code elsewhere.

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