Team leaderboards are here

Blue green tennis

One of the most common feature requests we hear is “allow players to belong to teams” or “allow players to be grouped together”. So we are very pleased to present what we are calling… Team Leaderboards ✨. A team leaderboard allows you to track the scores of individual players as well as the team that they belong to. It’s like a leaderboard of leaderboards. See screenshot above to see what it looks like.

If you can’t wait to try them out, 👉 then click here 👈.

Team leaderboards are great for classrooms

If you are organizing something like a sports-day or a class competition where people will be competing in teams then these new team leaderboards are ideal. Maybe you have a scenario where classes are competing against each other?

You can create a new leaderboard in seconds without requiring a signup and share the leaderboard to social media or project it on a large display. This makes it super simple to keep everyone in the loop.

Tracking scores for large groups just got a lot easier

The team leaderboards are adminstrated via an admin page which can be done from a phone, tablet, desktop or any device that has a browser or internet access. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Please give us feedback

Naturally we want to keep getting better and better. So please help us achieve this: if you have any ideas that you believe could help us improve then please comment below. You can do this annoymously.

Things to look forward to

Over the course of the next few weeks, we plan to add or improve the following:

  • Units and decimal places. These are currently missing.
  • Adding scores will be improved
  • There are currently no logos or player images.

Behind the scenes: new technologies

Beginning with team leaderboards, we are introducing some more modern technology. Specifically we are using vue.js. It means that changes to the scoreboard can happen without reloading the entire page. You can see this in action when you add a team or add a player: the changes happen instantly with no page reload. We will be rolling this our to our leaderboards and scoreboards too, which means that adding scores will soon feel a lot smoother 🤩. Stay tuned!