Free Basketball Scoreboard 🏀

No signup, no hassle, totally free

Turn any computer or PC into a beautiful scoreboard

KeepTheScore allows you to instantly create your own basketball scoreboard and project it onto a big screen. You can share the scoreboard via a link meaning it can be accessed from anywhere. It's also completely free.

Existing basketball scoreboards are expensive, unwieldly or hard to use. No more! This software is incredibly easy and fun to use.

You can use this software without downloading anything, without registration, without providing your email. If you don't believe us, Try it now!

basketball scoreboard

🔄 Realtime scoring

Create a virtual scoreboard in seconds. You control the scoreboard in realtime from a browser window.

😅 No login required

Works without requiring your email or setting a password. Just remember to bookmark any scoreboards you create.

🌍 No software install

Tired of installing and updating software? For this you only need a browser. Everyone can participate without installing anything.

⚡️ 5 seconds to setup

To begin scoring a basketball game, click the button and you're ready to go. Try it yourself!