About this app



This app is the simplest way to keep track of scores, guaranteed! You can create a new scorecard in seconds and share it with other people, all without having to install anything anywhere.

As of this moment, 575145 scoreboards have been created so far. You can see the most active public scoreboards here.

How do I create a live leaderboard?

Simple, just create go to this page and choose one of the following:

Note that all of the above are live digital scoreboards suitable for sharing on social media or showing on a large screen.

What is the difference between leaderboards and scoreboards?

Leaderboards are much simpler and show the total score for a player. Scoreboards show the scores per round plus a total as well.

If you are unsure, use a leaderboard!

Is there more information on each of the scoreboard types?

Yes, click on one the links below

I want a whitelabel scoreboard with logos and custom styling

Custom scoreboards can have any fields or data required and are much more flexible than "normal" scoreboards. We will be very happy to create a scoreboard or leaderboard to your exact specifications.

Here are some examples:

Write us an email and we can discuss it.

Who made this?

This app was made by me, Caspar von Wrede. I am the only developer and I hope build the app into a business.

What was recently changed?

You can follow our Twitter account or Facebook Page to stay updated.

What technologies run this webapp?

Is the app available in other languages?

No at the moment. We are working on a German version.