Basic Information

This app is the simplest way to keep track of scores, guaranteed!

You can create a new scorecard in seconds and share it with other people, all without having to install anything anywhere.

A timestamp is included with each round meaning that scores cannot be manipulated 😇.

Why was this webapp made?

There are already a large number of native apps (for iOS and Android) available that allow you to track scores.

However, they all suffer from a fundamental shortcoming: it's very hard to share the soreboard. Most of these apps only allow a data dump, which means that collaborating is impossible.

Sharing on the web, however, is extremely easy: you just share a URL. So this webapp was made on the assumption that users want to share their scores!

Created by Caspar von Wrede. Please do send feedback!

Technologies used

  • The webapp is a Python Flask application.
  • It runs on a very small Digital Ocean virtual server running Ubuntu.
  • The frontend is styled with Bootstrap.
  • The database is SQLite and uses Peewee as an ORM.
  • All coding was done on Ubuntu using Atom.


  • 22nd March, 2017: Increased max number of players to 25